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Company Description

Lilt builds intelligent software to augment translation for businesses and translators. We combine artificial intelligence with human power to optimize speed, quality and cost. Lilt is based on the belief that the future is richer and more exciting if people can communicate and access information in their own languages. Today, most of the world’s knowledge is encoded in English, and human translation is slow and expensive. Lilt’s human-in-the-loop technology improves translation speed by up to 3x and reduces costs by 50% or more. Lilt is based on machine translation and translator productivity research at Stanford University and Google. Co-founders John DeNero and Spence Green met while working on Google Translate in 2011. They shared an interest in human-in-the-loop translation systems that can make high-quality translation more efficient. They believed that better machine assistance could make translation more enjoyable for translators and more available for those who seek information. By 2014, a research prototype of an interactive, machine-assisted translation system had been built and Lilt was started in early 2015 to bring the technology to modern businesses and translators.