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Behavioral Interview Questions

Posted by John Krautzel

Behavioral interview questions give potential employers a way to gauge how you would react to certain situations. Each question features real-world scenarios and helps reveal aspects of your behavior. There are no right or wrong answers, but how you respond to behavioral questions reveals to employers how you might think, act and respond in a particular situation. Discover the top five behavioral inquiries in 2018 as you prepare for an interview.

1. Talk About Your Greatest Success at a Previous Job

This behavioral interview inquiry sheds light on your greatest skill or accomplishment. This inquiry plays to your strengths, and your response gives interviewers an idea of how you would perform at the company. When responding, be sure to impress the interviewer. For example, talk about how you solved a particularly complex problem for a previous employer that lead to earning a promotion or landing a huge client.

2. Discuss a Mistake You Made on a Particular Project

This inquiry is similar to the question “What is your greatest weakness?” Showing your greatest weakness or exposing a big mistake gives you an opportunity to let interviewers know how you bounced back from a potential failure and dealt with adversity. When responding to this behavioral interview inquiry, explain exactly what you learned from your mistake. Also, describe how you would handle the situation differently today.

3. Describe a Time You Had a Conflict With a Co-Worker and How You Overcame It

Yes, you’re a team player, but oftentimes, employers want to know how you handle conflict. Employers want someone who is confident and honest yet diplomatic when dealing with team members. Employers learn two things from you with this behavioral interview inquiry: how you see yourself during a potential argument and how you prioritize others during a time of conflict. Your answer should reveal that you’re someone who is more than willing to compromise if that is what’s best for the team.

4. How Quickly Did You Learn a New Concept That You Didn’t Know Before?

No one expects you to know everything about a position. However, employers love to know how fast you can learn a new concept or skill. A behavioral interview question about how fast you learn something new tells an employer about how eager you would be to learn and develop in your new position.

5. How Would You Prioritize a Large Assignment?

Behavioral interview questions give employers great insight during interviews. Do you think asking behavioral questions during interviews in 2018 is an effective strategy?

Time management and prioritizing tasks are very important soft skills that you need in any type of position. Employers need to know how efficient you are at managing day-to-day duties, solving problems and handling your job duties.

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