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WaveSense is radically accelerating the arrival of self-driving vehicles by tackling some of the most challenging problems that stand in the way of safe and reliable navigation. Every road in the world has a unique subsurface signature. WaveSense uses ground penetrating radar to create a map of those subsurface signatures from which self-driving cars can navigate. Vehicles using WaveSense are unaffected by common but challenging road conditions like snow, heavy rain, fog, or poor lane markings. Originally developed for military use, WaveSense’s technology was first successfully deployed in Afghanistan. Now, WaveSense is revolutionizing the autonomous vehicle industry and will save countless lives from motor vehicle accidents. WaveSense builds a fingerprint of our roadways, using mapping and tracking against unique geologic patterns underground. Unlike the constantly changing visual landscape above ground, this sub-surface data is static, providing a guide that’s always available for autonomous vehicles. WaveSense is accelerating the arrival of self-driving vehicles, will help save millions of lives, and is transforming the future of transport.