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Job Description

Qualities of Localization QA Testers:

In so many words, being a Localization QA Tester requires a combination of language skills, strong computer literacy and great attention to detail:

  • Close to native English skills – Testing localized products requires a solid understanding of the source language, which is often English. Testing is easiest for those who have lived or currently lived in an English-speaking country.
  • Excellent Linguistic Skills – one of the main tasks for the Localization QA Tester is to ensure the final quality of translation. This requires a solid knowledge of grammatical rules, but that isn’t all. Localization QA Testers not only need to be native speakers, but also have to be up-to-date with their language.
  • Computer Literacy – Localization QA Testers try out various types of products ranging from websites to software. They report defects, take screenshots and test the functionality of the product. Being comfortable with a computer allows a QA Tester to focus on essentials rather than troubleshooting simple tasks.
  • Internet Research Skills – Things like verifying product names and looking for the most common terms and expressions require strong research skills and a little bit of common sense.
  • Attention to Detail – Having attention to detail is the most important factor distinguishing great Localization QA Testers from bad ones.
  • Experience with using different software, applications and websites – being exposed to different programs gives Localization QA Testers a broader understanding of how the product should behave. Experiences QA Testers know where to look for common localization issues even if the particular step was not spelled out in the test script.

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