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Selecting an Ideal Transcription Service Provider

Having secured a project, the Project Manager while analyzing the file and preparing a quote for the same, looks for an ideal transcription service provider.  Just like the project manager is committed to quality transcription, timely and safe delivery to the client, PM expects the same from her resource along with affordable cost without compromising quality. This commitment to the client ensures further projects and sustained business.

Following are the criterion to be considered to select an ideal service provider. We have added bullets to convey that every criterion is of the same importance.

Level of accuracy

An important concern in any transcription project is accuracy.  A Project Manager should check the processes carried out by the transcription service provider at the time of attending a task. Accuracy in the task sets the transcriptionist to stand apart and having one with immaculate language skills with the ability to smoothly interpret the source content with a thorough understanding of the culture of the region is considered as a primary requirement in transcription Industry. Select the transcriptionist who works responsibly and takes PM’s help in case of doubts/difficulties without any delay. A good transcriptionist neutralizes the source content to suit the regional accents and it should be kept in mind that in today’s fast-moving world manual transcription still beats an automated one in terms of producing the best quality transcripts.

Check the turnaround time.

Simply known as TAT the transcription industry expects all to adhere to this norm. PM’s task is to select a transcriptionist keeping in mind the timeline for execution as well as compliance of the content. He has to act as a liaison between transcriptionist and others in the process of the project (graphics/designers/engineers, other audio requirements etc). Fast turnaround time is essential for the journalist, investigators, media professionals and in some cases legal professionals who need the transcripts as soon as possible.

Secured delivery

Apart from timely delivery, a secured delivery is mandatory from the transcriptionist through email or a Share-file system, which only you can access for downloading. A transcriptionist should also ensure that the document is saved in an encrypted format with them for a specified period after which it should be shredded and erased completely. The transcription service provider should have data security measures including secure account information, secure file management and other various stringent transcriptionist data security norms. These should be also verified by the Project Manager at the time of signing an SLA with the transcriptionist.

Affordable cost without compromising in quality

Maintaining a good quality TM is mandatory especially for large projects which might get updated over time. This will help in cost reduction; turnaround time can be faster and better consistency can be maintained between projects/updates. The best transcription service providers are characterized by accuracy, unmatched speed, quality and a negotiable and transparent pricing structure for which updated and well-maintained TM play a significant role.

Flexibility of the transcriptionist

Transcriptionist services must be flexible in handling the needs of various clients. Transcription service providers who offer transcription in multiple languages with accuracy and fast turnaround time can help give a competitive edge to their clients. Their support in all your business domains, including legal, marketing, seminars, web contents, training contents etc. can give an extra sales point.

Choose a transcription company which has expertise in handling transcription services at a very short-notice too.

Confidentiality agreement

Extreme care is taken to protect the client’s documents by saving it in an encrypted format.  Transcription service providers sign SLA and this can assure of security of client’s documents. Additionally, choose a transcription company with in-house transcriptionists since this assures confidentiality. 

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A professional transcription service provider can help you save time in preparing the necessary data for research, analysis, and other purposes. Also, note that accurate transcriptions are produced by native speakers.

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